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Mount Kilimanjaro
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+255 788 205 455 Usa River, Arusha
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Specialists Mount Kilimanjaro Climb & Tanzania Safaris


Visit Arusha Is A Safari and Trekking Tour Company Based in Arusha Tanzania. We Specialised in African Safari Packages, Where you will be taken to Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. We work with you to design unique custom Tanzania Safari Tours that will realise your dreams and shape your memories for a lifetime. Our main specialities are Tanzania Wildlife Camping Safari, Lodging Safari tours ,Luxury Safari tours, Climbing Kilimanjaro tours , Trekking Mt. Meru and Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania and Kenya Safari, Zanzibar Beach Holiday, Tanzania Cultural tours, Tanzania Honeymoon Safari, Tanzania Cycling adventure tours, Tanzania Family Safari, and so much more! Visit Arusha team is awaiting to share with you the splendid beauty of Tanzania and what it has to offer.


Planning that perfect once-in-a-lifetime experience may seem overwhelming. And In fact, with the roads less traveled, planning everything by yourself can be quite stressful and time-consuming and in the end you may be worrying whether you’ll be able to perfectly execute your plan and avoid any surprises. And you know what? Don’t take your chances with that once-in-a-lifetime trip. For years, our seasoned experts have been providing people of all ages, from around the world (our guides speak 11 different languages), African safari experiences. We are local, Tanzanian Safari Company (tourism license class “A” – license number 101007more about us with local knowledge and some of the best guides in the region who know it like no one else. But first, let’s focus on the most important thing…and that is you!

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